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Divine Love Retreat – Gibsons, BC, Canada – August 19-23

Excitement is Building. . . the Countdown is ON!

A 5 day Divine Love Retreat, from Aug 19 – 23 is being held in Gibsons, B.C., Canada at the Gibsons Garden Hotel. Located in a scenic village on the west coast of Canada, this retreat will provide two prayer sessions daily, opportunities to share our faith, healing gifts and facilitated discussions on a variety of topics by experienced Divine Love followers from around the world! Just a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, B.C., the breath taking views, beautiful gardens, abundant birds / wildlife, waterfront walks, Artisan Galleries, with opportunities for kayaking, hiking, aboriginal drumming …. All promise a spiritual vacation in a heavenly oasis that will soothe your soul and inspire!  Our focus will be on experiencing the prayer practice of receiving Divine Love in an environment which will elevate our consciousness to a place of recognition and reception of this blessing. All that is needed is for the participant to be open to the experience. We honor the spiritual heritage of all humanity. Opportunities to share personal spiritual journeys, with presentations about angelic influence, what is soul; healing and meditation practices will be integral to these retreats. Ample opportunity will be given for social interaction and discussions. For more information, please click  CONTACT US.

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Who We Are

Al & Jeanne Fike photo | Divine Love Sanctuary FoundationThe Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation is a registered, not for profit organization founded in 2012 in British Columbia, Canada.  Our goals are two-fold: to facilitate gatherings that engage others in prayer, healing and learning about the spiritual practice of receiving Divine Love; to put Love-into-action both in our daily lives and in selected projects.

We believe that by activating our deepest soul’s longings in sincere prayer, each of us has the potential to develop a meaningful, intimate relationship with The Creator.  We believe that through the inflowing of God’s Divine Love, the soul is transformed.  We believe that living a life of prayer has rich and profound rewards, and each soul has the opportunity to access an inflowing of Divine Love that will bring us into the Light, deepen our soul perceptions and help us live our lives more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

As long as one is earnestly open to receiving the flow of this blessing, one’s religious or mental beliefs will not inhibit it.  This is not a religious practice; adherence to religious dogma or rituals is not required! It is a simple, elegant practice that opens one’s soul to an entire universe of knowledge and perception.  As the Divine Essence is accepted within, it ignites an awakening of the soul and an ever-growing knowledge of the great Oversoul, our Creator.  Each soul has its singular path to knowing God, and will experience a unique spiritual journey in its unfolding awareness of God.

We are not a religious organization or a church!  What brings us together as a collective is our singleness of purpose to grow in the Divine Love, to enact Love in our everyday lives, and to support selected projects that demonstrate Love-in action.  One such project is the Children’s’ Sanctuary of Namibia in which one of our members works with an indigenous San community in Namibia, Africa – feeding approximately 400 orphaned children every day!  Another project is Love is the Answer in Uganda.  More details about these projects are here on our website.  We welcome donations for Children’s’ Sanctuary Namibia and Love is the Answer; we also welcome donations to our bursary fund that enables low-income members to attend our gatherings.

Now that you know a little about us, we invite you to read further. Welcome to Divine Love Sanctuary, guided by a God of Love and unqualified acceptance!  We invite you to join us in our spiritual quest. For those who enter this threshold, our hope is that here you will find love, support and the sharing of spiritual journeys.


Jeanne and Al Fike
Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation
Gibsons, B.C., Canada
April, 2013

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