Brother Mandus

Posted on October 6, 2013 by admin01 in Angelic Revelations

Received October 6, 2013
Blackpool, England

Brother Mandus
(through Al)

‘Tis your Brother, Mandus here.  I want you all to know that I approve greatly of this gathering and what you have done here and what you’ve accomplished here.  This is the glory of God and an answer to your prayers.  And I want you to know that I wish to see more of this activity in this building that has languished for so long.  And there is great work to be done here and I am very, very happy to see the work that I started many years ago continuing in this way for it is the Truth, it is in harmony with the efforts that have been made in the past and will continue to be made in the future.

I will not speak more other than to say, “Thank you” for gathering as you have and bringing this light and praying for one another for this world and for we in Spirit for many, many have benefitted from your efforts.  Many have benefitted both in the Spirit world and in this world.  You are on the right track and you will continue to be guided along this road for you do the work of our beloved brother, Jesus, and he will guide all of us in ways of light and love.

The Divine Love is the highest blessing given to any soul, and I encourage those of you who know me and know of my work to pursue this blessing.  It will bring all that you require.  I know because I have pursued this Truth and I know the power of this Truth and the beauty of this Truth of Love.  Carry on, walk in the footsteps of Truth and I will pray for your success.  I am so very happy with these efforts and your willingness to bring light to this place, a gift from God.  Thank you and good evening to you.




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